Drinks & Diner at the hotel

Available till 20h


Pils bier 5,4°     2,50  

Pils bier 5,4° 1/2L     5,00  

Kriek Mort Subite 4°     3,00  

Duvel 8,5°/ Duvel Triple Hop 9,5°     4,50  

Hoegaarden witbier 4,9°     3,00  

Affligem blond 6,8°  (from the tap)   4,00  

Hapkin 8,5°     4,50  

Desperados 5,9°     5,00  

Strongbow Apple cider 4,5° (gluten free)     5,00  


Plat water     2,50  

Bruis water     2,50  

Coca-Cola     2,50  

Coca-Cola Zero     2,50  

Tonic 'Fever tree'     3,50  

Ice Tea     2,50  


Appelsiensap/ Appelsap     2,50  


Rode Martini     4,50  

Gancia     4,50  

Campari orange     7,00  


Jack Daniëls, J&B, Four Roses           6,50  

Bacardi, Wodka           6,50  

Chivas Regal, Armagnac           6,50  

Amaretto           6,00  

Gin & Tonic           9,00  

met frisdrank           2,00  


Flesje (25cl) witte wijn           6,00  

Flesje (25cl) rosé wijn           6,00  

Flesje (25cl) rode wijn           6,00  

Flesje (37,50cl) Cava          12,00  

Fles (75cl) Cava          20,00  

Glas Cava           5,00  

Fles wijn (75cl) 'De Kluisberg' Wit, Rosé, Rood          18,00  


Koffie ristretto/espresso/lungo           2,50  

Thee           2,50  

Cappuccino           3,00  

IJskoffie/ijs latte macchiato           2,50  


Available till 20h

Menu 29 €*

Cheese croquettes or fresh soup with bread


Fish stew with potatoes / beef stew with fries / penne pesto chicken / spaghetti provencal sauce (veggie)





Agnus bitterballen (8pcs)

Croque monsieur (2pc) with fresh salad

Toast with smoked salmon and fresh cheese and a fresh salad

Cheese croquettes Oude Brugge cheese (2 pcs) with a fresh salad

Shrimp croquettes (2pcs) with fresh salad

Soup with bread and butter

Bag of fries with mayonnaise and ketchup

Bag of sweet potato fries with mayonnaise and ketchup

Quiche with bacon and cheese and a fresh salad

Quiche with spinach and goat cheese and a fresh salad


Dame Blanche with whipped cream

Sorbet (ask for the assortment)

Moelleux with vanilla ice cream

Brussels waffle with whipped cream and banana

*The menu and snacks are not available on April 23/24, May 8 and June 12. Only the menu of the package.